Welcome to my random blog! My name is Tessa Vivian, I live here on earth. Tumblr is my get away whenever I need to be inspired. I am sixteen at its sweetest and I have been on tumblr since 2010. Enjoy!


can i try a 30 day free trial of being famous

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If I’m on tumblr I’m probably sad

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"Yesterday I was a puppy, today I will dog."

[aggressively thinks about having sex with you while keeping a straight face]

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I’m that friend that you take tons of selfies with, but you never post a single one.. And if you do you crop me out

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"touch my butt and give me pizza" image

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The rest of the space is going to be pretty pissed when they see this. 

did you google how to take a screen shot

somebody said it


when someone’s so attractive you want to fuck their brains out in the craziest way imaginable but they’re also rly nice and interesting and you wanna give their heart lil kisses and read books with them and cook breakfast for them in the morning

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